Our mission is to enable
 1 billion people to live happier and healthier 
by 2030.
Our Conviction.
We believe that the healthcare industry will face a major transition within a decade. This change will be driven by the rapid advance of technology, persistent cost pressure and the empowerment of the consumer.
Our Portfolio.
We invest in extraordinary entrepreneurs, whose visions will drive the change in the healthcare industry.
Track Record.
Driven by successful serial entrepreneurs. Vast experience in digital, consumer and lifestyle businesses. Two major exits. $100 million sales. 20 markets. 1000 employees.
Jan Vichr. Founder and Partner
Markus Okumus. Founder and Partner
Alex Malorodov. Partner
Get In Touch.
We are friendly and passionate about what we do.
We are based in San Francisco, Berlin and Zurich. Talk to us