Canopei empowers entrepreneurs to build disruptive companies in the health and wellness industry.

We are a startup studio.

Founded in 2016 by longtime business partners Jan Vichr and Markus Okumus, Canopei is a company that creates companies.

Our mission is to revolutionize the health and wellness industry by enabling people to live a healthier life.

It is a business rich in meaning, as it can impact the lives of millions around the globe.

We partner with industry experts to grow companies that specialize in innovative products and services. We are hands-on co-founders that care about execution.

We focus on a few projects at a time and grow up to two companies per year.

Canopei has offices in San Francisco and Berlin.

We help develop
Game-Changing companies.

Together with entrepreneurs, Canopei turns unique ideas into successful and mission- driven companies.

We invent — we identify and validate unique and innovative business ideas in the field of preventive health and wellness.

We build — together with the co-founders, our multi-disciplinary team works hands-on to build strong products.

We grow — as soon as we have traction, we launch the product and focus on growth and user acquisition, while transferring valuable know how to the co-founding team.

We focus on health and wellness nuggets.

SWEATNGLOW is growing to be the biggest studio network for hot exercise with over 800 studios globally and more than 10 million customers.

BAZE is the first company worldwide that markets truly personalized nutritional supplements based on recurring, pain-free blood sampling at home.

We are humans.

We are an interdisciplinary mix of makers, explorers and chocolate lovers - Some do prefer locally grown fruits and nuts though… Just so we are clear - made of Razor-sharp entrepreneurs, Business strategy advisors, Marketing and Branding specialists, Growth Hackers, IT experts, PR & Social media devotees.

We are a multicultural team. We think internationally and love to switch between languages, from English to German or French. But we do share the same passion for unleashing human potential.

We care.